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If you're working at home, in a studio, or for a business, you need a clean work area set aside for Art Clay. The simplest solution is to use easy-to-clean clear acrylic work sheets, which you can move around.

In addition, you'll probably need some of the following: a teflon non-stick sheet, four pieces of non-stick paper, a clear acrylic roller, three different pairs of clear acrylic thickness guides, a clear acrylic rolling block, a black rubber work block, and a black acrylic finishing sheet. You can learn more about using tools at The Art Clay Club: look at it now, or later.

You can buy all the acrylic tools separately in the shop. However, to make it easier for beginners, we've put togther two tool kits.

However, if you'd rather take your time, or buy bits separately, The Art Clay Tools Catalogue lists most of the tools we use and sell at Kitiki. You can print out the order form and use it as a guide when you mail or call. Alternatively, post it with your card details or a cheque.

You'll enjoy using good tools rather than continually improvising. They'll help you manage a creative and efficient work environment. And they'll last a long time.

You can't buy acrylic tools or rubber blocks in the high street: we cut and finish them at Kitiki. They're cut on an industrial laser bed or a high speed saw table, so are not easy to cut or saw cleanly at home without special equipment.