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Paragon Caldera Kiln With A Sentry Xpress Programmer For Ceramics, Enamelling, Glass, Art Clay, PMC, Porcelain, Raku, And Vitrigraph. Paragon SC4 J14 Kiln With A Sentry Xpress Programmer For Enamels, Glass, Jewellery, Lost Wax Burnout And Casting, And Metal Clays. Paragon KM24 XL PRO Double-Barrel Kiln With A Sentinel Programmer For Knife-Making, Heat-Treating, Glass, And Ceramics.
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SC2, SC3, SC4, BlueBird, Caldera, CS, Dragon, F Elite, FibreFuse, FireFly, Fusion, GL, HomeArtist, HT, Iguana, Janus, KM, Ovation, Pearl, PMT, TNF, Trio, Viking, Vulcan, W, and Xpress kilns.

Paragon Kilns are used for bead annealing, making jewellery, enamelling, fusing and slumping glass, sintering metal clays, heat treating, knife-making, lost wax burnout and casting, melting and moulding, firing ceramics and porcelain, raku, and vitrigraph, although they have many other applications.

The current catalogue includes the Paragon SC2, SC2 Pro, SC3, and SC4, and continues with the BlueBird, Caldera, CS ClamShell, Dragon, F Elite, FibreFuse, FireFly, Fusion, GL, HomeArtist, HT, Janus, KM, Ovation, Pearl, PMT, TNF, Trio, Viking, Vitrigraph, Vulcan, W, and Xpress.


Paragon Kilns Prices Include UK VAT.

Cherry Heaven is a UK-EU top-tier distributor for kilns, furnaces, and ovens, providing comprehensive advice, free competent technical support, a prompt repair workshop, and telephone time if you have to fit parts: all valuable services. If you need help, call or mail.

On-line retail is an unchecked arena: almost everything is the best or the cheapest, and is being sold by a premier dealer. Often, the final price, delivery, and VAT only appear at the checkout. And ...

US-international kilns don't come with a shelf or posts or shelf wash: except the SC2 which comes with a small flimsy fibre shelf, but no posts.
Our smaller UK-EU kilns, such as the SC2, SC2 PRO, SC3, SC4, Caldera, Firefly, Xpress Q11, and Xpress E12, have a pro kit in the box and included in the price. It's not a £35-£45 extra.
Our larger UK-EU kilns don't have a kit so you don't pay for one that you don't need. The BlueBird, F series, KM series, Vitrigraph, Vulcan, and W series don't need shelves. For the others, there are recommended kits, shelves, half-shelves, props, shelf wash, ceramic blocks, crucibles, knife holders, and wax trays in different sizes.

Prices here are transparent: they're for UK-EU voltage, CE marked, CL CSA approved, and TUV tested kilns, and include comprehensive instructions, UK VAT, a one-or-two year parts-guarantee, and free continuing support from Cherry Heaven, a top-tier international distributor.

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A Quick Guide To Paragon's Kilns.

Bead-annealing kilns generally have a maximum temperature of 650°C. For these, look at the BlueBird. However, other kilns have bead doors: the small 1290°C Caldera B and 1095°C SC2B, the medium 1290°C Xpress E12B, and the larger 925°C Fusion 14B. These are all hotter than the BlueBird, so more versatile.

Glass kilns generally have a maximum temperature of 925°C. For these, look at the F Series, Fusion:CS Series, GL Series, or Pearl Series. These are not hot enough for ceramics and porcelain.

Jewellery, silver clay, and enamelling kilns generally have a maximum temperature of 1095°C. For these, look at the small SC Series or the medium Xpress Series. The SC series are not hot enough for ceramics and porcelain.

Vitrigraph kilns generally have a maximum temperature of 1095°C. For these, look at the small Caldera or the medium Vitrigraph.

Ceramics kilns generally have a maximum temperature of 1290°C. For these, look at the small Caldera Series and FireFly Series, medium Xpress Series, or large Janus Series, PMT Series, and TNF Series. These can also be used for glass work.

Heat-treating kilns generally have a maximum temperature of 1095°C or 1290°C. For these, look at the HT Series and PMT Series. Although they look similar, the HT has a bottom-hinged door and the PMT has a side-hinged door.

Knife-making kilns generally have a maximum temperature of 1290°C. The KM Series are made for depth rather than width. You can choose a guillotine, drop-down, or a side-hinged door.

The W Series are usually used for jewellery moulds and lost-wax burnout and casting. They have top vents, and the programmer includes three lost-wax burnout pre-sets: EL wax elimination, 5-hour burnout, and 12-hour burnout. There are optional wax trays. The small SC Series and most of the medium Xpress Series also have top vents.

To learn more about these and other kilns, use the appropriate links below the menu bar near the top of the page. And remember that each series has kilns of different sizes with different options.


Choosing A Kiln.

Most people want a kiln for the material or process that's enthused them, such as annealing beads, casting, firing ceramics, crucible work, dichroic glasses, enamelling, fusing glass, heat treating, knife making, lampwork, pottery, or silver clays.

After a few successes, and a few failures, many experiment with other materials, make larger pieces, try combinations, fire more at a time, and become interested in everything else. Some start a business, run classes, or open a shop.

There are lots of kilns to choose from so, before buying one, think about it's wider future use. Fortunately, although kilns are usually designed for a specific material or process, there's always flexibility. For example, the Paragon SC2B is a 1095°C bead-annealing kiln but, as silver clay fires at between 800°C and 900°C, it could also be used for Art Clay and PMC. And glass fusing, dichroics, enamelling, and other metal clays.

They're frequently used at course venues, and in craft centres, jewellery studios, glass works, pottery shops, and engineering facilities, and are referred to on line and in books: so there's lots of useful user-based help and support.

List do you need help choosing your kiln?
List is your prime interest jewellery, glass, beads, ceramics, heat treating, making knives ...?
List is it for home use, a small business, a course venue, or a commercial studio?
List can you ask about any kiln from the whole range?
List is a built-in digital automatic programmer included?
List or is the programmer in a separate box with loose wires on your worktop?
List would you like a touch-screen programmer?
List would you like an electric kiln vent, a gas injection system, or a USB computer interface?
List what maximum temperature will you need?
List do you want a plug-in kiln or a larger wired-in kiln?
List do you want a front-opener or a top-opener?
List is internal foor area or height more important?
List would you like a choice of colours?
List would you like a a bead-annealing door, a viewing window, or both?
List would you like a USB computer interface, an electric vent, or a gas-injection system?
List smaller kilns should come with a pro shelf and posts: not a thin fibre shelf.
List larger kilns have shelf options depending on how you like to arrange your work.
List can you call someone, if you're not sure what to do?
List will you get detailed and prompt technical support?
List if you need spare parts, who has them?
List if you want to repair your kiln, who'll help you?
List if you don't want to repair your kiln, who'll do it?
List is UK VAT included in the headline price?
List for kilns that weigh less than 30kg, is UK mainland delivery is included?
List can your kiln be delivered to any country?


The Paragon Kilns Catalogue.

Choosing a kiln isn't as simple as choosing a kettle or an electric drill. There are lots of things to think about now, rather than a few days after you've started using it. So here are some pointers:

List do you want a plug-in kiln or can it be wired in
List do you have a voltage other than 230-240, or a three-phase supply.
List a berry, black, jade, navy, pink, purple, or turquoise respray: normally blue
List front opener or top opener
List table-top or floor-standing
List what maximum temperature do you want: annealing, heat treating, glass, metal clays, or ceramics
List manual control or automatic digital programmer
List an advanced 12-key programmer that can control gas injection or a kiln vent, or connect to a computer
List any bead doors, windows, or peepholes
List do you want to move your kiln and put it away
List internal dimensions and shape: width, depth, height, round, square, tall, or flat
List will the kiln go through doorways
List does the room have any ventillation
List fire a few things occasionally or a lot regularly
List heats up quickly for classes
List home hobby, small business, or commercial studio
List how many stacked-up shelves
List do you want a special colour
List any upgrades or options

There are full descriptions, including various options and upgrades, on the appropriate pages: use the links below the menu bar near the top of the page. In addition, there's a lot of general help: use the help link.

Generally, smaller kilns can be plugged in anywhere and stand on a worktop. Larger kilns have a stonger construction, weigh more, need to be wired in, and are more expensive. They usually include legs or a stand but, if they don't, you'll need a stong table.

The following table lists most of the kilns, although almost every one is available with options such as bead doors, windows, or both, and a range of upgrades. For example, the SC series has 12 different versions, each one in one of seven colours.

14-9SSP 925 china paints, annealing, casting, fusing, slumping, lampwork, raku
BlueBird 650-815 bead annealing, dichroics, glass fusing, slumping, jewellery
Caldera 1290 beads, ceramics, enamels, glass work, metal clays, porcelain, vitrigraph
Dragon 1290 annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, porcelain, pottery
F 650-925 annealing, glass fusing, slumping, jewellery, metal clays, lampwork
FireFly 1290 ceramics, china paints, enamels, glass work, metal clays, porcelain
Fusion, CS, and FibreFuse 925 glass annealing, fusing, sagging, and slumping
GL 925 glass annealing, casting, fusing, sagging, and slumping
Home Artist 1095 china paints, annealing, fusing, sagging, and slumping, lampwork, raku
HT 1095-1290 annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, porcelain
Janus 1290 annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, porcelain
Kitiki MiniKiln 1000 dichroics, enamels, fusing glass, jewellery, metal clays
KM 1290 knife making, annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, porcelain
Pearl 925 glass annealing, casting, fusing, sagging, and slumping
PMT 1290 annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, porcelain
Prometheus Pro-7 1100 dichroics, enamels, fusing glass, jewellery, low-fire ceramics, metal clays
SC 1095 bead annealing, dichroics, enamels, fusing glass, jewellery, metal clays
TNF 1290 annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, porcelain
Trio 925 glass annealing, casting, fusing, sagging, and slumping
Viking 1290 annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, porcelain
Vitrigraph 1290 vitrigraph, annealing, glass work
Vulcan 1290 crucible work, annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, porcelain
W 925 annealing, glass work, heat treating, lost-wax casting, jewellery
Xpress 925-1290 annealing, ceramics, glass work, heat treating, metal clays, porcelain

Paragon's Kiln Names And Numbers.

Although there was probably a useful naming and numbering system years ago, it's now inconsistent, even within a series, making it dificult to compare models.

Paragon's kilns are divided into series: the BlueBird, Caldera, CS, Dragon, F, Firefly, Fusion, GF, GL, Home Artist, HT, Janus, KM, Ovation, Pearl, PMT, SC, S, SNF, TNF, Viking, Vulcan, W, and Xpress.

The individual kiln names often include suffixed numbers to represent one or more of the internal dimensions in inches, a series variant, the number of sides, or the thickness of the firebricks. Examples are the KM18, SC3, Fusion 10, and TNF27-3.

Some names are helpful: the Janus 1613 has a firing chamber about 16in across x 13in high and the TNF27-3 is about 27in across and has 3in thick firebricks. However, the TNF-82-3 isn't 82in anywhere, the TNF-66 isn't 66in inches across, and the Fusion 8 isn't 8in across, but 8-sided.

To make the common variations clearer and shorter, I use B for a bead-annealing door, W for a glass viewing-window, and BW for both, for every series that has these options. And I've included the actual dimensions in each kiln description. So rely on these rather than the kiln names and nominal numbers.


The Power Supply.

The hotter the kiln, the more power it needs. The larger the kiln, the more power it needs. Kilns up to 3120W can use a regular mains socket. Above that, you'll need a dedicated power supply straight from the fusebox. To learn more about power supplies, use the help link below the menu bar near the top of the page.

Kilns made for the EU use regular single-phase 230V-240V mains so have 230V-240V elements, not 120V US elements. The smaller kilns have UK 13A three-pin plugs: so they're ready to go. If you're not in the UK, use a plug adapter or cut off the UK plug and fit your own: it won't invalidate the guarantee. Alternatively, a custom kiln can have a factory-fitted EU plug.

Most kilns can be re-engineered for 110V, 200V, 208V, 220V, or 240V, single phase or three phase, or 440V three phase. If you're interested, mail or call.

Paragon kilns are made for UK-EU voltage, and are CE Marked, TUV tested, and CL and CSA approved. Paragon is Greek for Model Of Perfection.



A kiln's maximum operating temperature sets a limit on the materials and processes you can work with. 1290°C is about the highest temperature for standard kilns: above that, the materials and construction change and the cost increases.

The maximum temperature is not directly related to the wattage: so a 4800W kiln does not get twice as hot as a 2400W kiln. The temperature depends on the general design, elements, firing chamber volume, and programmer set-up.

Very generally, kilns for annealing glass heat to 650°C, kilns for glass fusing, sagging, and slumping to 925°C, kilns for jewellery and metal clays to 1095°C, and kilns for ceramics and porcelain to 1290°C. And here are the melting points for a few common materials:

aluminium 659
bronze 950
copper 1083
glass 1700
gold 1063
lead 163
nickel 1452
platinum 1772
silver 962
steel 1371
tungsten 3399

Internal Dimensions.

For rectangular kilns, the internal dimensions are given as width, depth, and height. This convention is the same as that used for kitchen cupboards: for example, 900mm wide, 300mm deep, and 1200mm high. For kilns with more than four sides, it's width and height.

Sometimes people ask for a kiln with a specific internal volume. However, two cooking pans might have the same volume but one is a tall-ish milk pan and the other is a wide-ish omelette pan. So, think carefully: you might start off with panels, plates, and bowls, but then want to make jars, pots, and vases.

Orton-Paragon Sentry Xpress Programmer. Orton-Paragon Sentry Programmer. Bartlett-Paragon Sentry Touch-Screen Controller. Blank.
Sentry Xpress Sentry Sentinel

Orton-Paragon and Bartlett-Paragon Digital Programmers.

Most modern kilns use an electronic programmer, a 3-key, a 12-key, or a Touch-Screen, which allows you to set up accurate drying, heating, holding, and cooling sequences: and do something else whilst the sequence is running. To learn more, use the programmers link below the menu bar near the top of the page.

The Paragon Sentry Xpress 3-key digital programmer allows you to set up several firing sequences, each one with up to eight heating, holding, or cooling segments. You can choose the heating and cooling rates, target temperatures, and hold times, save the sequences, and re-use them.

It's built in, so you don't need a separate box with a cable, a separate thermocouple with a cable, and a separate stand: more stuff on your worktop. And, for temperature consistency, the built-in thermocouple is always in the same position.

There are no restrictive features such as single-sequence use or pre-set programmes. Fixed programmes might seem to be an advantage. However, having diversified and experimented, most people fire materials, or combinations of materials, at different temperatures and for different times than are recommended.

For some kilns, the Sentry Xpress 3-key programmer can be upgraded to a Sentry 12-key or a Sentinel Touch Screen. Both have advanced and time-saving features, including optional automatic control over an electric kiln vent, a gas injection system, and a USB computer interface.


Electrical Systems.

Normally, kilns use single-phase 230V-240V mains electricity, so will work in the UK, the EU, and most other countries. However, they can be made for any system.

UK kilns need a 230V-240V supply or they might not reach their maximum temperature. If a 240V kiln produces 1000W, at 230V it will produce 918W and at 220V it will produce 840W. If you live in a rural area, on an island, or outside the UK, you need to check your local voltage. If you're in a 220V area, say so when ordering.

The smaller plug-in kilns come with a UK 13A three-pin plug, so they use a regular 230V-240V UK mains socket. If you're not in the UK, use a local plug adapter with an earth contact. Alternatively, cut off the UK plug and fit your own: it won't invalidate the guarantee.

If the kiln draws more than 13A it needs to be wired-in, in the same way that a kitchen hob-oven is connected at the back. Generally, a new cable will have to run from the fusebox to the kiln's location. It's not difficult: any competent electrician can change or extend wiring.

All the kilns either have their heating elements embedded in rigidised ceramic fibre, or have a legally-necessary door or lid cut-off switch: an important safety feature.

The heavy-gauge nickel-plated copper wiring has high-temperature glass-braided insulation. The kiln body is earthed and the low-voltage programmer has a separate protective fuse.


K-Type, S-Type,And Three-Zone Thermocouples.

The thermocouple, inside the firing chamber, sends a tiny temperature-dependent voltage to the programmer which is converted to temperature. Most kiln manufacturers use economy bead or sheathed thermocouples. Paragon uses long-life heavy-guage K-type thermocouples. They respond more quickly to temperature changes and minimise the risk of corrosion and subsequent failure of the bi-metallic tip: sometimes caused by heat degradation, gradual corrosion from gases produced whilst heating some materials, or epoxy breakdown.

If high-accuracy and extended life are important to you, upgrade to an S-type platinum-rhodium thermocouple. The 12-key programmer can control three heating zones using three thermocouples: these are factory fitted, so order with your kiln. Thermocouples are in the on-line shop.


Electro-Mechanical And Mercury Relays.

A relay is an electro-mechanical switch. The programmer turns it on using a low voltage on two of the terminals: without this voltage, the relay would be off. The mains voltage enters on two terminals and, when the relay is turned on, exits from the remaining two terminals to the elements. It's normal for relays to click as they switch on and off, just like a domestic light switch.

During a long process like annealing, a relay will click frequently as it turns on and off to control the heating rate, cooling rate, or hold temperature. However, if an extended and silent life is important to you, upgrade to a long-life mercury relay. These are factory fitted, so order with your kiln. Relays are in the on-line shop.


Viewing Windows.

A heat-resistant glass viewing-window is popular for enamelling, fire polishing, fusing, and glazes. Depending on the kiln, you can choose to have a window in the door, the lid, or one of the sides. These are factory fitted, so order with your kiln.

It's widely believed that a viewing-window will cloud permanently or crack by about 925°C. Paragon kilns don't use regular glass but a transparent ceramic which has been time-tested at 1260°C.

If you feel that, at high temperatures, you might be losing heat through the window, cut a piece of soft ceramic cloth and fit it behind the glass. Ceramic cloths are in the on-line shop.


Kiln Furniture.

Generally, the smaller plug-in kilns include a pro shelf with four posts. The larger wired-in kilns have optional recommended furniture kits: one shelf with posts, two half-shelves with posts, two shelves with posts, a mix of different-height posts, kiln wash, shelf paper, or pyrometric cones. You can choose: it's not an expensive combination that I've put together for you. Furniture kits are in the on-line shop.

The shelves and posts are made of cordierite, a magnesium aluminium silicate, which resists thermal distortion and fracture. A thick heavy shelf, lifted up on small posts, heats and cools evenly: particularly important for enamelling and glass work.

To keep costs down, some kiln manufacturers use thin ceramic-fibre shelves. As they're fairly soft, they deteriorate and bits crumble off the edges. Also, if you're making glass tiles, they don't provide even heat distribution.


Repairing And Servicing Your Kiln.

For help, or in the unlikely event of a fault, you can mail or call an engineer in the UK. However, checks, adjustments, and repairs are simple, needing little more than a PosiDriv screwdriver: watch the on-line videos using the watch-videos link or read the help pages using use the help link, both below the menu bar near the top of any page. Alternatively, we can repair the kiln in our workshop at Cherry Heaven.


Options, Upgrades, And Customised Colours.

Paragon offers you customised colours, hinged, cantilevered, or drop-doors, left or right-hand hinges, bead-annealing doors, viewing-windows, extra peepholes or vents, temperature upgrades, thicker firebricks, ceramic-fibre lids, 3-key, 12-key, or TouchScreen programmers, cone-fire upgrades, mercury relays, long-life S-type thermocouples, 3-zone control, electric kiln vents, gas injection control systems, auxilliary power outputs, USB computer interfaces, and different shelf kits.

Paragon Kilns, Furnaces, and Ovens For Annealing, Beads, Ceramics, Enamels, Glass, Jewellery, Knife Making, Lost Wax Burnout And Casting, Silver Clays, Heat Treating, Lampwork, Porcelain, And Vitrigraph.

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Glare Resistant Glasses.
HEPA Mask.
heat-resistant Gloves.
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Paragon BlueBird Bead Annealing Kiln.
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Paragon GL18ADTSD Glass Kiln.
Paragon HT-14D Heat Treating Furnace.
Paragon Janus 1613 Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon KM18D Knife-Making Oven.
Paragon KM36 XL PRP Knife-Making Furnace.
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Unassembled.
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Suction Cup.
Paragon Pearl 22 Glass Kiln.
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Paragon SC2 Shelf Kit.
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Orton-Paragon Sentry Xpress Programmer.
Orton-Paragon Sentry Programmer.
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