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The Kitiki Electric Drill

The Kitiki drill successfully combines quality, comfort, size, precision, alignment, and operating smoothness. It includes a mains adapter, chuck collets, abrasive discs, grinding wheels, grinding tips, rotary cutters, brushes, engraving tips, polishing pads, and small-size drill bits: 60 accesories. All in a smart aluminium carrying case.

The lightweight body measures 205mm x 34mm. The CE-marked motor has a 8 000 - 18 000 rpm electronic speed control, and is rated at 12V 18W, so you can use a regular main socket. The chuck has a selection of collets for different size drill bits and rotary accessories: 1.0mm, 2.35mm, 3.0mm, and 3.2mm; and the motor locking pin makes fitting accessories easy.

It comes with a 2.0 metre coiled cable ending in a low-voltage plug. The plug connects to a double-insulated mains adapter fitted with a 2.0 metre cable, ending in UK plug. Since the drill uses about as much power as a fridge bulb, the cost of using it is only a few pence a day.

The spindles, included in the kit, use a central screw to secure the abrasive discs, grinding wheels, rotary cutters, wire brushes, and polishing pads.

To make sure that the manual is always up-to-date, we don't put one in the box. The latest version is free, and can be printed here.