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This is a summary of eco-green practices at Cherry Heaven.


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We're all electric with a large portion coming from non-polluting sources. Heating and lighting are only used when necessary. As we're in a rural area, rain water goes into a large underground soak-away and all waterborne waste goes into a large underground tank where it bio-degrades. The bio process must be very efficient as the tank hasn't been emptied for nine years.


As an internet business, we don't have paper information to send you, except an invoice showing that you paid. The system doesn't generate brochures, catalogues, leaflets, quotes, pro formas, duplicate invoices, statements, advice notes, consignment notes, delivery notes, or packing slips. Generally, we print as little as possible.

Environmental issues are important. A paper version of this resource would need several hundred pages, so it's too wasteful to print. Although current law does not accept a completely paper-less system, a less-paper system is our continuing intention.

We try to re-use cardboard boxes and packing: anything unused goes to a recycling centre.


The larger kilns ship from the US in a crate or on a pallet. The wood meets EU standards and is tested and stamped every month. Much of the wood eventually gets recycled for fence repairs and general building: it's often put outside so that anyone who wants it can take it. Although it was very cosy, we've stopped using the wood fire.


Glass, metals, and plastics are separated and go to a recycling centre. We re-use bubble wrap and recommend that you keep it for your own packing. We use strong shopping bags so don't have any plastic bags to dispose of.


We try to shop sensibly, checking for the country of origin, additives, preservatives, freerange, organic, packing, and use-by dates. Generally, there's very little food waste so almost nothing goes into the household rubbish. We have a compost area and the compost gradually gets used in the gardens where it helps feed the plants and trees.


In 1997, Paragon switched from oil-based paint to high temperature water-based paint. The oil-based paint emitted strong toxic fumes: the water-base paint fumes are mild by comparison. This is better for factory employees and the environment.

In 2008, Paragon upgraded the lighting in the factory to reduce energy consumption. The reduced pollution from the electricity is equivalent to planting 24 acres of trees annually.

In 2012, Paragon started to use an energy provider that produces a portion of its electricity from wind farms in Texas rather than only through the use of fossil fuels. Pollution-free 100% wind energy will never run out so helps preserve the environment for future generations. Their energy provider estimates that, by switching to renewables, Paragon will avoid the formation of 32,976 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Since 2002, Paragon has shredded scrap paper and cardboard to make packing. They haven't bought petroleum-based packing peanuts in years. The only peanuts they use are the ones that they recycle from shipments we receive from others. Every office employee has a paper-recycling box for scrap paper which is processed into packing materials. Paragon office employees also write on the back of scrap paper such as letters and obsolete printed material.

Paragon has been on a four-day work week since the 70s. There's very little employee turnover because having Fridays off is like taking a holiday every week. And it doesn't take long to get used to ten-hour days. After a few weeks ten hours seem like eight. The factory starts at 7:00 and stops at 17:30. Because staff arrive early and stay late, they avoid some of the heaviest traffic. To handle customer calls, Paragon has two people in the office on Fridays until lunchtime. A four-day week is an easy way to save petrol because staff only drive to work four times a week instead of five: and avoid traffic delays.


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