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Directions And Maps For Cherry Heaven.

West Holme Cottage   West Holme   Wareham   Dorset   BH20 6AQ   England.

Cherry Heaven is in West Holme, a few houses in a rural area, south west of Wareham, and north west of an area known as The Isle of Purbeck. The surrounding countryside includes green farmland, dramatic cliffs, pretty cottages, historic buildings, sandy beaches, protected coves, open heathland, hill-top panoramic views, peaceful villages, and lively seaside resorts.

Map Of South-East Dorset.

Wareham is just off the right-hand side of the map. Although the directions below are for journeys starting in West London, just pick up the part you need.

Map Of West Holme, Dorset.


Opening Times.

As we're in a rural area, there aren't set opening times. If you want to visit, please mail or call first to ensure that someone will be available to spend time with you. However, email and telephone support is available during normal work hours and, often, out of work hours.




From Hammersmith, head west on the A4, then the A316, the Chertsey Road, past Richmond and Twickenham. The A316 becomes the M3. When the M3 ends, take the M27 west. Get in the correct lane, as it's very easy to go east by mistake.

Then the A31 to Ringwood and on past Wimborne Minster towards Bere Regis and Dorchester. At one roundabout, the A31 turns right, so don't go straight on by mistake. Short parts of the A31 are single lane so, in the holiday season, traffic may move slowly.

A Sat Nav is configured to keep to main roads. This means that it might try to take you through the suburbs of Bournemouth and Poole with their traffic lights, roundabouts, and unexpected turns. So, use the following directions.

Continue on the A31. Don't take the first turn to Wareham. About 8 miles after by-passing Wimbourne Minster, about 12 miles before Dorchester, there's a very long low brick wall on the left. Soon after, take the B3075 on the left to Morden and Wareham. The B3075 then crosses a main road at an offset crossroad: left and right. Go straight on.

After the open forest land, turn right at the T-junction and mini-roundabout and join the A351 to Wareham. Go straight on at the next roundabout towards Wareham, then over the railway bridge. At the next roundabout, turn right and bypass Wareham town centre on the left.

At the next roundabout, turn right towards Dorchester and Wool, and up Worgret Hill, the A352. After about 1.4 miles, turn left onto the B3070 towards Lulworth. Carry on over the un-manned level crossing then over the river bridge. Pass the garden centre on the left. A sat-nav will probably stop here. Carry on, heading south, still on the B3070. After about 0.2 miles, the B3070 crosses Holme Lane. West Holme Cottage, a red-brick detached building, is on the right just before the crossroads. There's parking outside or in the driveway.



London Waterloo to Wareham is usually a direct route with no changes. Prices vary depending on the departure time, the number of stops, and how early you book. There might be an open return so you can travel at any time on any day.

If you reserve a seat, the view sitting on the left and facing forward is better, as you can see more of London, then the suburbs, the country, Southampton Docks, The New Forest, the coast, and Poole Harbour.

You need to get on the right platform about 5-10 minutes before departure. If you're not sure, ask a railway employee before getting on, and check that all the carriages go to Wareham as, occasionally, some services split into two.

The journey usually takes a little over two hours. Although there's often a refreshment trolley on the train, it's better to buy something at the station.

If you haven't reserved a seat, you can walk along inside the carriages until you find one. The four seats at a table are best as there's more room, although some will have a reserved ticket in the slot at the top.

Although Wareham is a small station there are nearly always taxis waiting. Valley Taxis seems popular, so look up their number and take it with you. It's about five minutes to West Holme.

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