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The Kitiki Magnetic Polisher
The Kitiki Magnetic Polisher

The Kitiki Magnetic Polisher is ideal for delicate, intricate shapes, and can be used for jewellery, brass, copper, gold, and silver. It consists of a magnetic oscillator base, a lift-off acrylic drum, a plastic lid, 80gms of tiny stainless steel pins, and a spare fuse.

The CE-marked fully-enclosed magnetic drive is rated at 230V 6W, so can use a regular mains socket. Since the polisher uses less power than a fridge bulb, the cost of using it is about a penny a day. It measures 103mm x 103mm x 230mm, weighs about 2kg, and comes with a 1.8 metre cable ending in a UK plug.

The acrylic drum will hold up to 50gms of silver: about six average rings. The drum has a lift-off lid, and the polisher has rubber feet to stop it creeping across the worktop and falling off when you're not there.


To look at a larger photo, hold your mouse over the zoom button below. The photo is 480px x 360px and about 64KB so, if you're not on broadband, it'll take a short while to download.

Kitiki Magnetic Polisher.


Using the polisher is simple, so there's no manual. Quarter-fill the drum with water, the stainless steel pins, and your work. Add a very fine sprinkle of cleaning compound, put the lid on, and let it run for 20 minutes. Experiment with the amount of water, the number of pieces, and the running time, until you get the desired finish.

Initially, the stainless steel pins will have sharp ends, so it's a good idea to run the polisher with some scrap silver for an hour or two to begin to round them off. Either keep them in water, or take them out and dry them.
Although the drum is made of clear acrylic, the continual impact of so many tiny metal pieces will soon give the inside a matt finish: this is normal.


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