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The UltraLite Kiln
The UltraLite Kiln And Accessories

The UltraLite Kiln is a low-cost small-scale jewellery kiln that can use a regular mains socket. It's an 845°C, compact, round, ceramic-fibre kiln, with a firing disc in the bottom and a lift-off lid.

The UltraLite Kiln is the smallest kiln in the UK. It's ideal for your home, craft workshop, jewellery studio, or course venue. It weighs just 1kg, so is easy to take to craft fairs, demonstrations, and exhibitions.

The UltraLite Kiln is suitable for small-scale work: drying and firing Art Clay and PMC silver clays, enamelling, glass fusing, gold leaf keum-boo work, and mixed-media jewellery.

The Ultra Lite Kiln is sometimes called an Art Clay kiln, a craft kiln, an enamelling kiln, a glass-fusing kiln, a hobby kiln, a jewellery kiln, a keum-boo kiln, a PMC kiln, a precious metal clay kiln, a SilverClay kiln, a small kiln, or a trinkets kiln.


To look at a larger photo, hold your mouse over the zoom button below. The photo is 480px x 360px and about 40KB so, if you're not on a fast internet connection, it'll take a short while to download.

The UltraLite Kiln Kit.


This kiln is in the on-line shop, along with other small, popular, table-top kilns. So, if you know which kiln you want, stay here. However, to learn more about the UltraLite, and print the instructions, transfer to a dedicated resource using the UltraLite link above the menu bar near the top of the page.

To simplify any further research, I've separated some of the popular kilns, from all the manufacturers, into one resource:

To learn about table-top kilns that can use a regular mains socket, such as kilns from Efco, Kitiki, Paragon, and UltraLite, transfer to Electric Kilns using the Electric Kilns link above the menu bar near the top of the page.


Art Clay, sometimes called silver clay, gold clay, metal clay, or precious-metal clay, is made by Aida Chemical Industries in Japan: it's a composite clay-like material, made of fine silver or gold powder and a harmless organic binder.

As it's fired, the binder vapourises and the metal powder sinters, leaving solid 999 silver or 22 carat gold: real metal, not something that just looks like metal.

To learn more about Art Clay, and related products, use the start link below the menu bar near the top of the page, then choose Art Clay.


The kiln prices include the recommended shelf kit, and the legally-necessary lid or door safety switch where appropriate.

The on-line shop includes kilns, shelf paper, programmers, ceramic blocks, ceramic cloths, digital pyrometers, reminder timers, fire extinguishers, glare-resistant glasses, heat-resistant gloves, kiln shelves, kiln tables, and other tools and accessories. Alternatively, visit the Cherry Heaven Shop in Corfe Castle village.


Cherry Heaven is an EU distributor for Paragon Kilns made in the US, Advance Kilns made in Canada, Efco Kilns made in Germany, Kitiki Mini-Kilns made in Turkey, and UltraLite Kilns made in the US.

Cherry Heaven is a UK distributor for Art Clay made by Aida Chemical Industries in Japan and BronzClay made in the US, and an EU distributor for AccentGold For Silver paint and Metal Clay Veneer, both made in the US.